Safety and Sanitation



Disinfection Policy

If we reopen, this is how Students would learn on Campus

Children Arriving at School
  • All students enter through either on Mohawk or Saranac St. 

  • Students can start entering school at 8:00

  • Students will be temperature scanned by Tubman staff while they are in their cars

  • If temperature is within limits (does not exceed 99.9 degrees F) student can come to school 

  • If temperature exceeds 100 degrees F, student stays home for the day

Covid-19 Screening

Face Coverings and Handwashing

  • Face coverings will be required for everyone in 3rd grade or older and strongly encouraged for students TK-2 (and younger siblings)

  • Train Students and Staff on Wearing Face Coverings

  • Train Students and Staff on Hygiene and Preventative Care

  • Handwashing stations will be available throughout the school campus. Students will be washing hands throughout the day.

Mask Display

Safety Guidelines at School

  • Large gatherings (ex - school assemblies, field trips) are currently prohibited.

  • School visitors and parent volunteers are currently prohibited.

  • The use of outdoor space for instructional purposes will be maximized, shared, and coordinated to ensure students remain in their cohort.

  • Recess will involve one class at a time and equipment will be disinfected after each use.

Cleaning the Counter

Physical Distancing

  • Where practicable, physical distancing of six feet.

  • In classrooms, creative spacing and extra adult supervision will allow distancing when possible.

  • All grades TK-8th, will be self-contained with one classroom teacher for all subjects.

  • Where practicable, desks will be arranged facing forward to minimize face to face proximity between students.

  • Routes for entry and exit to the campus will be designated for each classroom cohort.

  • Schedules for arrival, recess, and lunch will be strategically coordinated to prevent mixing of classroom cohorts.

Holding Thermometer

Safety Signage and Procedures

  • Social Distance signs will be posted on grounds for students and staff to follow.

  • School site protection plan will be posted at the front entrance.

  • Sharing of electronic devices, clothing, books, and other games or learning aides will be avoided as much as possible.

Lunch Break

Meals and Supplies at School

  • Meals will be served in the classroom (similar to Breakfast in Classroom).

  • Students will have separate supplies and will not share.

  • Library will be a mobile cart and books will be disinfected after each use.

  • No School Uniform this School Year (Focus on clean clothes)

Tubman Cleaning Schedule